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Uckrow law firm is a newly founded law firm with the clear direction to providing clients with advice and professional services. Uckrow law firm informs extensively about the legal situation and represents the interest of the client to third parties. Of course, Uckrow law firm made all necessary pleadings and draft legal opinions.


Necessary procedural steps will be initiated promptly. This includes the representation of client interests before the courts.


As each Member of a Chamber of lawyers, Mr. Lieven Uckrow as a Member of the Bar Association of the State of Brandenburg is entitled to occur before any German court – except the civil divisions of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH). The representation before the civil divisions of the BGH requires a separate approval by a Committee. You can find a listing of all authorized lawyers on the homepage of the BGH.


Moreover, Uckrow law firm is available for seminars and lectures.


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