Uckrow law firm offers all interested/legal clients assistance in answering legal questions.

Emphases of Uckrow law firm are:

  • media and copyright law,
  • information-technology law,
  • European law
  • And drafting contracts.

These emphases are – in a modern, technologically progressive, global world marked by private autonomy - quite connected in a variety of cases. In addition, each emphasis alone is of prominent importance.


On one hand media law will focus mainly on companies, associations and government agencies. It covers inter alia: Program content and program licenses, manner of dissemination and accessibility, national and regional advertising. On the other hand media law has a private aspect to. This private aspect includes the ongoing debate about the “Rundfunkbeitrag” (license fee for general public access to radio and television), warnings due to illegal downloads or personal liability of free or private Wi-Fi.


It doesn’t matter whether you are single private person or a worldwide operating company – European Law and its impact on the national legal systems and economic systems are immense. Topics such as European protection of human rights, European fundamental freedoms and EU laws on state aid are heard as the examination of Union acts and acts of national implementation as well.


As part of a so-called “legal prophylaxis” Uckrow law firm offers his clients contractual services. Contractual service means the precautionary prevention of legal problems. A preliminary research helps to identify potential legal problems and the installation of security mechanisms should exclude such problems. General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are specifically for this purpose.


Play it safe and avoid future claims.


Contracts are individually designed according to the wishes of our clients. In addition, existing contracts and general terms and conditions (GTC) are examined on their accuracy and validity.


The draft of contracts is complex. The contract must include the objectives and interests of the clients. In addition to the legal and moral needs the sector-specific aspects must be considered. This presupposes an in-depth knowledge of the sector and the interests of the other party. As far as such knowledge does not yet exist, the necessary expertise will be developed in efficient manner. Uckrow law firm is representing your interest also in contract negotiations. Legal and economic knowledge, communication skills and conflict prevention are key aspects in contract negotiations.


As a result, you will receive an individual ready to be signed contract draft.


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