Your request and explanation of your legal problem will not be charged. However, the initial legal consultation is already charged. It is generally not possible to provide free legal information and unfortunately impossible for individuals.


Cost-transparency has a high priority. The prospects/clients are always informed in advance about possible costs.  You can rest assured that no cost will occur, which you did not know, and which you have not consented to. This should help to avoid nasty surprises in future.


The cost determination is made individually according to the legal problem and burden of advisory and representation services. This guaranties the most appropriate cost variation. Whether a settlement after the lawyers remuneration Act (RVG), a flat rate attached fee set corresponding to the respective cost or also a reckoning on an hourly basis with a fixed hourly rate is the most suitable for you, will be individually determined and agreed with you in advance.


If a regular legal assistance by Uckrow law firm is required, remunerations can be contracted at fixed rates.



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